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Create Your Escape – with Gloworm

Soon the sun will start hitting the horizon sooner than many mountain bikers in the Northern Hemisphere would like – Winter is coming!

Let Gloworm Lights help create your escape with the brand new Alpha light and our upgraded line of innovative products. With a Gloworm attached to helmet or bars, a whole exciting world of adventure opens up.

Owner of the award winning Blue Ridge Cyclery in Charlottesville, Virginia, Shawn Tevendale,  has been a night riding advocate for years.

“As a working professional wanting to ride either before or after work—you have to have night ride worthy lights,” he says, “something that can let you see ahead enough to do interval work, ride with friends, and powerful enough to explore.”

There is nothing like swooping through the woods under the cover of darkness and it can create a whole new riding experience, especially if the neighbourhood trails have gotten a little stale.

“The world changes,” says Tevendale. “Roots are different. Corners look strange. You can ride the same trail at 5pm and 10pm and nothing feels the same. It is the greatest thing to experience.”

Think that sounds like fun, but not quite sure where to start? Gloworm has got it covered with the brand new Gloworm Alpha which is designed to get newbies out at night in style and safety, without breaking the bank. With powerful 1200 lumens, a robust 2 hour run time and the industry leading build that Gloworm is known for, the Alpha is the perfect place to start. To sweeten the deal it will even be available on presale at 10% off.

Tevendale also reminds us that light choice for the style of riding is very important. With long beam reach, secure mounting, and having a wide fill zone right up there. Also make sure there is enough intensity to ride by, but not so much that the battery dies quickly or is too big. His final tip?

“Try a 3 am ride into daylight, it’s the coolest experience to see the stars set and the sun rise.”

In addition to the all new Alpha, Gloworm continues their tradition of listening to consumer feedback and continues to update the product line.  Improvements on the 2017 models include new more effective cable strain relief and a redesigned cable junction, the introduction of “High Flex Construction” cables, the addition of a Gloworm Universal Mount that can be used with GoPro, and a hundred percent rubber button creating a more robust positive feel.

Gloworm has an option to suit every rider from professional mountain bikers to work commuters to folks just dipping their toes into the night riding world on their local trails. Which one will be right to help you “Create Your Escape?” Read on and order yours today!

Gloworm Alpha 1200 Lumens

The Alpha is the brand new entry level light in the lineup with a 1200 lumen rating. Weighing in at less than 2.5 ounces (69g) this featherweight powerhouse offers an impressive two hour run time. It you’re looking for a high quality light without breaking the bank, the Alpha comes with Gloworm Lights signature build quality, and is the best value for the least money that you can find in today’s market.

Gloworm X2 1700 Lumens

In a big step forward the 2018 model of the X2 now offers state of the art wireless remote, no more fumbling for switches or heavy helmet attachments! Lightweight, but with a solid single piece construction this 1700 lumen rated light is optimised for all activities from riding bikes of all kinds to being mounted on a rifle or hunting bow using the go-pro style helmet mount. Featuring “Trail” and “Commuter” programmable modes as well as three special modes that include flash, emergency strobe and dim. Added bonus, all orders come with a free CNC 31.8mm bar mount while supplies last.

Gloworm X2 Adventure 1700 Lumens

The X2 Adventure is the svelte brother of the Original X2.  The X2 Adventure features the same specifications as the X2 with the exception of the smaller battery allowing the system to be used more comfortably on a head strap or helmet while maintaining a practical run time. All orders come with a free CNC 31.8mm bar mount while supplies last.